Custom Website And Funnel Design for Emotion Code, Body Code & Belief Code Pracitioner

CLIENT : Candice Erickson-Perham

It was time for Candice to move beyond her DIY website to a more professional, streamlined, and effective online presence as an energy healer. Her playful energy and beautiful imagery was infused into a brand new 7-page website, lead magnet funnel, signature program funnel, and multiple email sequences.

We also helped her strategize how her online booking system would support her Services page so that new clients could easily move from finding her website, to exploring her services, to booking an initial assessment or package of services. She is now blogging on her website, and even launching a podcast — all within the Systeme.io ecosystem we set her up in.


Custom Course Funnel And Masterclass Funnel Design for Award winning Author and Writing Coach

CLIENT : Lana McAra

As an award-winning author Lana McAra has much to give to future & aspiring published authors. She had launched a signature course previously in another software and wanted to prepare for a rebrand and relaunch of this proven offer. We crafted an engaging masterclass registration funnel with all pages, custom copywriting, email sequences & automations and a brand new sales page, course area and onboarding process for students.

In addition, we provided her with custom images to promote the masterclass on social media and helped her launch an affiliate program. With all of this done right within Systeme.io - she now has a one-stop shop for this pathway of free and paid support for her future students.


Membership set up and Sales Funnel, 1:1 Coaching Sales Funnels, Quiz, Live Workshop Funnel and Email Sequences for Life Coach & Speaker

CLIENT : Dr. Unnatti Jain

Dr. Jain came to us with a vision, of streamlining her 1:1 coaching packages and onboarding of clients — as well as launching a brand new group coaching program and multiple funnels to offer free + low cost initial support to her audience of parents and GenZ teens and young adults. Her primary website resides on WordPress, but we knew that Systeme.io would allow for the customization she needed for visually appealing funnels that would allow for the streamlined client experience she desired for 1:1 & group coaching.

We designed thoughtful landing pages for her Parent & Teen coaching services separately, each with custom copy, design & strategic payment plans and options to make signing up simple. And we supported her not only on launching the new group membership, but also a live workshop series & quiz funnel that are intended to drive traffic to that group offering.


Sales Funnel, Quiz and E-Book Funnel For Speaker & Anti-Bullying Advocate

CLIENT : Dr. JoNeil Conley

As a veteran in the nursing & healthcare profession, Dr. JoNeil Conley has a passion for supporting nurses who are navigating challenges in their workplace environment. She is a prolific speaker on the topic of workplace bullying, and wanted to offer online free & paid resources from stage to help spread her message & expertise. On a mission to bring joy back into nursing, we brought her unique quiz to life that helps assess compassion fatigue.

We also designed a brand new e-book and sales funnel to bring her research and support to vibrant life on the topic of dealing with bullying in the workplace with her Meanness Matrix. Now her simple website, quiz funnel, and e-book funnel allow her to have a jumping off point to help people above & beyond her speaking engagements.

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